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concrete line pump placing boom

Concrete placing boom is a good helper for enlarging the range of concrete pumping, pouring and raising the efficiency of pumping construction. A regular electric concrete placing boom is enough to increase the range of concrete pumping by connecting the pipes and elbows with concrete pump; what’s more, it brilliantly solve the problems of material distribution in wall pouring, finally saving labors. This kind of concrete placing boom is designed by manual type, electric type, hydraulic type and self-erection type, with stable and reliable structure, and the whole machine can be easily operated and flexibly turned due to its all direction and boom-type distributing arms.Just like a spiderman over the construction roof to finish concrete pumping and pouring in every corner in every minute.

Manual concrete placing boom

Manual concrete placing boom
Data ModeMPB-12mMPB-15mMPB-18m
Placing Area452mm2700mm21017mm2
Working Radius12m15m18m
Rotation ModeManualManualManual
Rotation Angle360 degree360 degree360 degree
Pipeline .DN125DN125DN125
Counter Weight400-450kg450-500kg700-800kg
Total Weight1100kg1300kg2000kg

Electric concrete placing boom

Electric concrete placing boom
Data ModeEPB-12mEPB-15mEPB-18m
Placing Area452mm2700mm21017mm2
Working Radius12m15m18m
Rotation ModeElectricElectricElectric
Rotation Angle360degree360degree360degree
Counter Weight400-450kg450-500kg700-800kg
Total Weight1200kg1600kg1900kg

Hydraulic mobile placing boom

Hydraulic mobile placing boom
Boom length (m)131517/1821
Hose length (m)
Rotating speed(r/min)0.460.230.460.46
Pitching angle-2~84.4 0~90 (-4~90 )0~90 (-4~90 )0~90 (-4~90 )
System pressure(Mpa)20202022
Hydraulic system power(kw)445.55.5
Drive modeFully HydraulicFully HydraulicFully HydraulicFully Hydraulic
Self weight2.73.24.945.05
Balance weight1.

Hydraulic self-erecting placing boom

Hydraulic self-erecting placing boom
Placing concrete radius21m27.7m31.7m
Hydraulic folded arm First arm8m10.5m8.5m
Hydraulic folded arm Second arm7m9.2m6.5m
Hydraulic folded arm Third arm6.15m8m5.9m
Hydraulic folded arm Fourth arm//6m
Hydraulic folded arm Fifth arm//6m
First arm of Boom rotary angle-4.2~+82.5-4.2~+82.5-4.2~+82.5
Second arm of Boom rotary angle0~1800~1800~180
Third arm of Boom rotary angle0~1800~1800~180
Rotary range 360480480
Tower section size750 x 750mm750 x 750mm750 x 750mm
Delivery pipe (OD. dia. x thickness)133 x 4.5mm133 x 4.5mm133 x 4.5mm
Flexible hose (ID. dia. x length)5″ x 3000mm5″ x 3000mm5″ x 3000mm
Operation methodRemoteRemoteRemote
Electric motor5.5kw11kw15kw
Hydraulic system pressure20Mpa28Mpa28Mpa
Electric power380 v/ 50 Hz380 v/ 50 Hz380 v/ 50 Hz
Wind speed in Working≤ 56 km/h≤ 56km/h≤ 56km/h
Wind speed in Climbing≤ 28km/h≤ 28km/h≤ 28km/h
Working temperature oC-20~400~480~48