YHZM25 mobile concrete batching plant

Name: 25m³ drum type Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Category: Mobile concrete batching plant

Features: 1*40’HQ can load one complete set including all parts.


   1, The mobile concrete mixing station is easy to disassemble and move . Except for the connecting equipment such as screw conveyor and cement silo, the mixing station wiring does not need to be removed. With the cooperation of crane, it can be removed and moved. During installation, if the ground is flat and solid, there is no need to make the foundation. It is suitable for units with tight construction period

  2 , Through the ingenious design, the batching system, weighing system, mixing host, storage, unloading and automatic control

system of the mixing station are centralized in a trailer unit, and the movement of the mixing station is realized by the trailer

  3, A drum/twin shaft mixer is installed on the mixer platform. On its upper part are various measuring devices. The amount of cement, water, plasticizer, etc. are weighed according to the proportion. After weighing, they are discharged into the mixer and mixed together with the weighed aggregate. The evenly mixed concrete can be directly discharged to the concrete truck for transportation

  4, Twin shaft mixer can be used for uniform mixing with shorter mixing time. For dry hard, semi dry hard, plastic ratio of concrete can complete good mixing

  5 , Cheaper than stationery type , suitable for short period project and rural areas.

Output Per Hour(m3)25
Unmixed Capacity(L)800
Mixed Capacity(L)500
mixing time per batch75s
discharge height1.3m
PowerChinese Motor 380v/3h/50hz
Concrete Mixerself load drum mixer RDCM500
Batch MachinePLD800-2 storage bins 4m³,
1 weighing bin
Control SystemAutomatic
ScaleWater +Additive +Aggregate
Towing speed25-30km/h
Hopper2.5 Ton Hand Hopper /extra cement silo
CementBag Type Cement /bulk cement
Conveyor  (optional)219-12m Screw Conveyor
Conveyor  optional belt conveyor for discharging
Total weight≤ 23ton
1*40HQ 1  Set
HZS25 mobile concrete batching plant
mobile concrete batching plant
mobile concrete batching plant in one container
2 storage bins, 1 weighing bin
mobile concrete batching plant working procedures
concrete production procedures
mobile concrete batching plant with manual cement hopper
with manual hopper
twinshaft mixer mobile concrete baching plant
twinshaft mixer mobile concrete baching plant
PLC of mobile concrete batching plant
automatic control cabinet console
mobile concrete batching plant dimension
Une centrale a beton sans fondation
Une centrale à béton sans fondation