QT4-15 block production line

Name:Block machine

Category:QT block producing machine

Requirement: Pallet to carry blocks.


Hydraulic system & vibration system.

Optional pallet feeder.

Optional pallet stacker.

Optional color material feeding system.

Optional twin shaft mixer(standard type block)

 or planetary mixer(for construction waste material)

or drum mixer(small size aggregate) provided.

Moulds are interchangeable.


PLC control cabinet provided, 380V/3H/50HZ default voltage.

electrical engineer is needed for assembling and testing machine.


Overrall Dimensions4850*4650*2250(mm)
Pallet Size (mm)850*850*25( Bamboo)850*550*15(PVC board)
Machine Weight3800kg
The Frequency Of Vibrate50-90HZ
Max Excitation Force50KN
Cycle Time(s)15-20
Installed Capacity (kw)21
Rectangular  Pavers  200*100*60 mm14pcs/mould; 2520pcs/hour.
Perforated Blocks 240*115*90 mm12pcs/mould; 2160pcs/hour.
 Bricks 240*115*53 mm24pcs/mould; 4320pcs/hour.
Waving Interlocking 225*112.5*(60-80)mm10pcs/mould; 1800pcs/hour.
Behaton Pavers 200*165*(60-80)mm8pcs/mould; 1440pcs/hour.
Hollow block 390*190*190mm4pcs/mould; 720pcs/hour.
Hollow block 450*150*225mm5pcs/mould; 900pcs/hour.
Hollow block 390*100*190mm8pcs/mould; 1440pcs/hour.
QT4-15 semi automatic block line
QT4-15 semi automatic block line
QT4-15 full automatic block line
QT4-15 full automatic block line
QT6-15 block plant
QT6-15 block plant
QTJ4-40 block machine with mixer
QTJ4-40 block machine with mixer
QT4-15 fully automatic production line operating video