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Combining a JS-500 mixer with a PLD-800 batching machine is a ideal setup for a small to medium-sized concrete batching plant HZS25 and CBP30.

  1. JS-500 Mixer: This is a type of twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer weighing 2ton to 4ton.
  2. It has a discharging capacity of 500 liters per batch, which is professional for moderate concrete production.
  3. The twin-shaft design outlasts drum concrete mixer because this compulsory mixer ensures thorough mixing of aggregates, cement, and water.
  4. It yields a homogeneous mixture like Grade C30 in China.
  5. PLD-800 Batching Machine:
  6. This is a type of aggregate batching machine consisting of either 2bins, 3bins or 4bins for storing different types of aggregates.
  7. Such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone according to material catagories, also sometimes named a concrete batching machine.
  8. PLD-800 typically has a 800liters weighing bucket that accurately weighs each type of aggregate before dispensing them into the mixer through sliding hopper of JS-500 mixer according to the predetermined mix proportions.

When these two equipments are combined, the PLD-800 batching machine precisely measures and dispenses the aggregates into the JS-500 mixer, where they are mixed with weighed cement and water to produce concrete of consistent quality. This combination for startup is often used in construction projects where a reliable supply of concrete is needed but the production volume is not extremely higher than RDCM500 type or mobile concrete batching plant.

However, the efficiency and performance of the concrete batching plant also depend on other factors such as mixer parts(concrete discharging method), the quality of materials, the accuracy of measurement, and the skill of the operators. Regular maintenance and calibration are essential to ensure smooth operation and accurate mixing proportions.

JS-500 twin-shaft compulsory mixer
JS-500 twin-shaft compulsory mixer
PLD-800 twin-bins batching machine
PLD-800 twin-bins batching machine

JS500 used as host in concrete batching plant:

PLD800 batching machine used as material weighing mechanism: