QT4-40 electric block machine

Overall size2000×1480×1150
Carriage size880×470×35mm
Vibrate frequency50Hz
Vibrated power7.4KW
Shift capacity2000 pieces
Rated power9.6KW
Hollow: 460*230*230mm3pcs/mould
Hollow: 460*150*230mm5pcs/mould
Hollow: 460*100*230mm7pcs/mould
Interlocking blocks10-16pcs/mould
Blocks capacity per dayMax. 11520pcs

Optional: JQ350 pan mixer

Operating procedures:

  1. fill cement,sand,(other material), water into pan mixer JQ350 manually.(mixing ratio around 1 cement with 10 sand and other material)
  2. after mixing, open the discharge gate of mixer.
  3. place one pallet under the block mould of QT4-40.
  4. load mixture manually into the mould of block machine QT4-40, and load to full after 5 seconds vibration.
  5. After 10 seconds vibration, lift both the upper and lower mould, use block trolley to take the pallet of blocks out.

Semi-automatic QT4-40A , including block machine with hopper, block trolley, belt conveyor and pan mixer, control cabinet.

Suggested diesel generator: 20-30kva.