Site lifter

Single Cage SM120 Self-propelled Jack Gantry Hoists For Goods, Material

Features: Competitive cost,  standard section made by angle iron.

One 20ft container loads 1set of 30m height site lifter SM120.

Light type: SM120

Designed ItemsSM120
Installation Height(m)24-63
Lifting Height(m)21-60
Standard Lifting Capacity(t)1.2(max. 1.5ton)
Bottom Dimension of Cage(m)3×1.75
Winch/Hoist ModelJK1.5
Motor Power(KW)11  (380V/3H/50HZ)
Lifting Speed(m/min)≈22
Working Temp.(℃)-20~40

Heavy duty type SS120.

Max. Frame Height80m
Basic Frame Height24m
Lifting Height18m
Numbers of CageSingle
Lifting speed25m/min
Payload capacity1200kg
Motor power7.5KW/380V/3H/50Hz
Standard Section made by steel pipe1.5m*1.5m
Cage size3.7×1.95×2.2
One 20ft container loads   1 unit